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Travel Checklist For Any Trip

I love the excitement of booking a ticket to a new place but I know for many travelling somewhere new can be a scary thought. But trust me, I can totally relate  and if you’re anything like me then your mind will probably go through 1000 worst case scenarios before you even jump on the plane. But since I’ve gotten used to traveling so often, I’ve learned that the key to getting over this feeling is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Here I’ve included a Travel checklist for when your heading to an international destination:

1. Passport

This one may seem like an obvious thing to check but you’d be surprised how many horror stories I’ve heard from fellow travellers who have haven’t been able board the flight because their passports is about to expire.

Keep in mind that most countries require your passport be valid for at least 3 months after your return date. So just make sure to double check so you don’t miss out on your next travel adventure!

2. Travel Insurance

Big UGH for this one. Travel insurance is never a fun thing to talk about or spend your money on but as the saying goes, it’s  better to be safe than sorry. Just remember that while insurance may cost a couple hundred bucks it’s much better to get it in advance  than getting hit with a  surprise medical bill of thousands of dollars during the trip. During our trip, we used WorldNomads and had a great experience with it! 

3. Exchanging Money

Personally, I’m not a big fan of exchanging a ton of money before arriving since I don’t think it’s practical to carry it around and you’ll often get a horrible exchange rate at home. But, I would suggest just using your debit card and withdraw money with the ATM at the airport when you arrive to get you going. And in case of an emergency, I do like to carry a few US dollars  in the event that there’s no ATM’s or you need to pay for unexpected fees at the airport.

Also, another pro tip is to google what the preferred local currency is. When we went to Cambodia, it was surprising to learn that they prefer to use US dollars instead of their local currency. We actually met someone who didn’t know this and exchanged their dollars to the local currency and got ripped off by A LOT.

4. Using Debit and Credit Cards

If you plan on taking money out of ATM’s or using a credit card, make sure to let your bank or card provider know which countries you’ll be in. This will prevent that awkward scenario of having your card declined because the bank thinks that some one the other side of the world is trying to go on a shopping spree courtesy of you.

5. Know where you’re staying

Again, this may seem like another obvious tip but it’s super important to know the exact location of where your accommodation is. You’d be surprised by how many people  assume that the taxi driver knows where their hostel is, so what I recommend is doing a quick Google Maps search on how get to the place from the airport.  This will just make you less stressed when arriving to your new destination.

If you’re unsure on how to explain this to your driver, most hotels/hostels would be happy to provide the instructions in the local language, so just reach out to them before hand! Easy peasy.

6. Where to eat

There’s nothing worse than arriving to a new place after a long flight and being hungry. To sort this out, I would suggest looking up a restaurant near the hotel that you can go as soon as you drop your bags off. This is specially helpful if you have any dietary restrictions,like myself. If you’re vegan/vegetarian use the app HappyCow to find the best local restaurants.  Being Hangry is not a cute look!

How do you prepare for your trips? Share them below!




    1. Thanks for this post, I didn’t even realize travel insurance was a thing!! Of course, I’ve never been out of the country, so this is very helpful for a new traveler. One thing I am curious about, are there vaccines one should look into prior to traveling as well?

      1. Yes, that’s a great point too 🙂 Vaccines are super important, I would recommend going to your doctor at least a month before your trip and they will recommend the shots to take based on the country your are going to.

    1. This is perfect! I’ll be traveling quite a bit in the next couple months so these tips are always helpful! And, I absolutely love that you are traveling the world. That is an aspiring dream of mine to one day just go. So cool you get to live out your dreams. Cant wait to read more about your adventures 🙂

    1. As someone who has traveled a lot internationally, I completely agree with all of this! I also highly recommend having a way to “hide” all these things on your person, as you never want to be in a different country without them!!

      1. I used to do the same thing but I realized that being hangry isn’t fun for any one 😉

    1. Passport and money are the two things I double and triple check. everything else can be sorted later or changed or purchased. Great list

    1. This is a great list of tips and suggestions! I’ve traveled a fair amount internationally and totally agree with you here. I love it when we can use USD, actually. I was also surprised when visiting Cambodia that they accepted USD. That made it quite easy!

      1. Yea! I found that so strange but I was glad I didn’t make the mistake of exchanging my USD.

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