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Travel Together – Travel Tips for Couples

When we first told friends and family that we would travel together around the world, one of the main questions they asked was “Aren’t you worried that you’ll get sick of each other?”

Not gonna lie, at first I was shocked to hear this especially from those who knew how Josh and I are as a couple. But as I thought about it, it made sense for people to ask these type of questions.

The reality is that travelling with your significant other isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, you’re not always going to want to pose for that perfect Instagram picture and they’re times when you won’t be #couplegoals. 

However, it is completely doable and I’m happy to say that after being around each other after 6 months of traveling, 24/7, it has made us stronger and more in love than ever (refrain from gagging)

Here I’ve put together some tips on how to survive traveling as a couple:

1. Be involved in the planning

Travel can be stressful and challenging, especially if you’re constantly on the move. This is why it’s super important that you’re both actively involved in the planning of the trip.  I would recommend splitting up tasks such as booking the plane/ train ticket, booking accommodation and finding the sightseeing attractions.If one person is constantly slacking and thinking that the other will figure everything out, over time it’s going to create tension and eventually it will lead to a fight that could of easily been avoided.

2. Give each other space

One of the main advantages of traveling with your boyfriend/girlfriend is that you’ll always have someone to share your experiences with, however it is okay to give each other space  for a few hours during the day.

Josh and I did this on several occasions during our time away. We gave each other space for “me time”, not because we hated each other but because it found it was healthier for both of us in the long run.  I would go off and get my nails done or do some window shopping while Josh would go and get a haircut or chill at a cafe. Not only did this give us time to treat ourselves and do some exploring on our own, but it was actually fun getting back together afterwards and sharing stories about our day and what we got up to.

3. Talk about money and expenses

I’m sure you’ve all heard this before. One of the leading causes of breakups is a couple’s inability to agree on issues relating to money. When it comes to traveling, having the right budget setup can either make or break your trip. This is why it’s super important to talk about how your going to be spending your money every day and how you’ll be splitting up the costs of things like accommodation, food and sightseeing. If you both have a common goal when it comes to this, then you’ll enjoy your trip so much more and spend less time stressing about  how you’re going to pay for everything.

4. Compromise

It’s a given, that you’re not always gonna agree on things, after all what would be in fun in that? But, what I’ve learned over the last 11 years of being together, is that compromise is a must. For example, if one of the main things your partner wanted to do on the trip was to go scuba diving but you’re not really into it, unless you have a fear of the ocean then I would say just do it! It would probably mean the world to them to experience that with you and they’ll most likely be more open to doing something that you want to do in the future. Win-Win

Overall, I think traveling with your partner is one of the best experiences you can both have. Keep in mind that it won’t always be easy, but it will give you as chance to see how you both deal with challenging situations and being out of your comfort zones.

When you are having a difficult time, keep in mind that you have the chance to see the world and experience new things with your best friend. And just think about all the amazing stories and memories you’ll have to reminisce on once the trip is done.

What tips do you have for traveling as a couple? Have you had any issues, let us know below!




    1. My husband and I are in our 3rd year of living abroad–we don’t do any long term travel, but we do like to take holidays together, and after 6 years of marriage, we’ve figured out a good system. I do all of the planning and he does all the driving. 🙂 If we’re not driving, I do all the navigating via bus, airport, etc, because I’m better at not getting lost in such places. We make a good travel team! 🙂

    1. Traveling together is a great way to see if you and your partner are truly compatible. It is bound to bring up a few disagreements and fights, and you’ll get to see each other in some pretty unflattering lights. But I think that’s all the more reason to just do it! Either travel will break a relationship, or it will challenge the relationship and make it even stronger. I’ve found this to be true in all my travels with my boyfriend. The number one thing we fight about? Food. I get hangry, haha! But coming out on the other side of those arguments, and bonding over some of the incredible things we’ve seen and done, it really just makes us love each other even more.

    1. give each other space – what a great advice! No matter how romantic a vacation can be, giving some considerate space, especially if one of the partners is not a morning person, is essential for a “fight-free” time. Love your blog!

    1. What a great article, and I’m super pumped that my husband and I already practice all of these! I find that having some “me” time away from him is so important. I love having all of these wonderful memories together, but sometimes it’s nice to meet back up at the end of the day and share stories. And talking about money has not only helped our travels but our relationship too. Our weekly budget sessions are something that I”ve started looking forward to!

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