Top 5 Reasons to Visit India

There are reasons why India is called a “Subcontinent”. This is a country with over 1 Billion people, with different varieties of landscape and culture. There is so much to see and do that it is hard to believe that all of it can be packed into one country. It is a place that is truly an assault on all the senses. There are few places in the world that  can match the energy of India and even fewer that will leave such a lasting impression on a traveller . We were lucky to be able to spend an entire month travelling through the country, going from South to North. This month left us with countless memories and here are a few of the reasons for why you too should also visit India.

1. The Energy

In India, it feels at time like everything is moving at a million miles an hour.  The constant traffic jams, the never ending barrage of honking horns, the overcrowded streets, the smells and the delays that you experience on every mode of public transportation. All of this can take a toll on any traveller. But this was something that something that I missed after I left India. It is truly an energy that is unique to the country and must be embraced with open arms. Learning to go with the flow will greatly enhance your experience in India.

2. The People

The people of India were some of the most kindest people we met throughout our travel adventure. Every time we visited a local restaurant, we were greeted with welcoming smiles from everyone.  There were also numerous times where we were lost or unsure which train we were supposed to take but the locals would go out of their way to ensure we reached our destination. And who can forget the classic ‘Indian Head Bobbing’ ?

visit india people

3. The History & Architecture

We couldn’t help but marvel at all the absolutely spectacular buildings and unique architecture we saw all over India. Besides the obvious Taj Mahal (which is a reason to visit India by itself), a few of the highlights were:

  • The Mysore Palace (Mysore, Karnataka) – A lavish palace with beautiful courtyards and stunning paintings.visit india mysore palace
  • The Amber Fort (Jaipur, Rajasthan) – Diana and I actually debated about whether this place was in fact the most beautiful building we saw on the trip. Easily the most gorgeous fort in India (we thought it was better than the Red Fort in Delhi and the Agra Fort). We highly recommend getting a guided tour.visit india amber fort
  • The Gateway of India (Mumbai, Maharashtra) – Ok, maybe this one is on the list because I am such a huge fan of the novel Shantaram but there was just something about this place. The location, which is in the centre of perhaps the busiest and most energetic city in India, the Taj Hotel in front of it and the Arabian Sea behind it, just make this place one of the most photogenic and memorable places we visited in the country.
  • Old Delhi (Delhi) – Old Delhi is the area in Delhi which holds so many monuments, we couldn’t just pick one. From Humanyun’s Tomb (the building which was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal), the Jama Masjid and India Gate, a tour of Old Delhi is not to be missed.

4. The Food

We were lucky that we got to experience both South and North Indian cuisines. The two cuisines vary greatly in flavours and ingredients. South Indian cuisine is vegetarian’s paradise. We couldn’t get enough of the Masala Dosas (we ate one at least once a day), Idlis and the coconut curries. Some of our favourites were the masala dosas in Mysore and the Spicy seafood dishes of Goa. North Indian cuisine is known for its creamy curries and tandoori flavours. My personal favourites were the Rajasthani Thali’s, I had in Jaipur and Udaipur. In my opinion, out of all the countries we have visited in our travels, India easily had the best food.

visit india food

5. India is Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

We found India to be even cheaper than South East Asia. You can enjoy good accommodation, have huge meals and enough money for sight seeing all for about $20 USD a day. Travelling between states can be pricey but not if booked in advance. The Indian railway system is incredibly cheap when considering the distance travelled. Flights between cities are also super cheap if booked in advance. We spent a month in India but we were only able to see about half of the country. India is cheap enough to spend multiple months exploring. I will write a separate blog post of how to save money in India.

There are so many things to see and do in India. Make sure to check out our complete guide on where to go in India too!



Top Reasons to Visit India          mysorepalaceindia



    1. Very neat, maybe I will go someday. Love that photo of you in front of the Mysore!

    1. That’s it, I need to go to India now for sure! Great post, thanks for sharing!

    1. India is on my list to visit once I finally travel out of the country! A dear dear person in my life is from Dubai, and he has just made me so ready to explore there. I always see his pictures, and he tells me about his experiences, and I am ready to experience it.

      Great post!

    1. Everything makes sense. I spent about three weeks volunteering in India in my early 20s and it was the biggest eye-opening experience of my life. Everyone should go to India at least once in their life.

    1. I would love, love, love to visit India one day – the spirituality, history and mystic nature of the country intrigues me so much! I’ve heard a lot of negative accounts of the country, so it’s great to hear that you had a fantastic experience.

    1. This is just lovely and The pic of you from the back is just fabulous!! I want to visit here sooo bad!! I shared this on twitter , have a lovely evening!

      Fashion and travel

    1. So glad you mentioned The Energy – I can imagine how gorgeous India is and how special it would feel. On my lust travel list. Gorgeous photos too.x

    1. I have visited India for 3 weeks last year and absolutely loved it! However it was not enough time so I will have to go back 🙂

      1. I totally understand, we were there for 4 weeks and it was not enough at all! We still have the north to explore.

    1. I traveled to India about five years ago and it was AMAZING! The food, color, culture…all wonderful.

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